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September 13, 2010 



·         ADOT Thank You Letter Address - Our community will have a safer entrance for many years to come due to the completion of the McGuireville Interchange Ramp Improvement Project which widened and lengthened all of the entrance and exit ramps.  This was a very challenging engineering, design, and construction project.  We hope that residents and users of the interchange will take the time to send a few words of appreciation to the ADOT staff, State Transportation Board, and Project Contractors and Crew at  Please click on the Contact ADOT button in the upper right-hand corner of the home page.

·         I-17 & vicinity of Exit 293 - The northbound on-ramp will be realigned and restriped to give a longer space for acceleration and merging onto I-17. This should reduce steering effort and improve driver comfort and will occur the next time the striping machine arrives on the job.

·         Pavement Preservation Project -  The pavement will be removed and replaced on I-17 in both directions from the McGuireville Interchange in the spring/summer 2011 time frame.  Dips and raises will be corrected, median crossovers will be improved, damaged signs will be replaced, and an automatic traffic recorder will be installed.

·         State Long-Range-Transportation Plan (LRTP) - Federal and state laws require that a performance-based process be developed to determine the state's transportation investment priorities over the next 25 years. By AZ law the LRTP is updated every five years with the next adoption scheduled for July 1, 2011. Individuals and groups can help by providing information about their ideas and lifestyles and their priorities. Currently the update is in phase 2, the choices process which continues through February 2011. At the website, individuals may comment , answer a survey, and sign up for emailed information. Groups may participate by ordering "The meeting in a box".


·         Two crosswalks have been striped across Montezuma Avenue for carts and pedestrians. The signage for both (total of 4 signs) has been put in place by a volunteer crew led by golf course chair, Lee Weller. Kudos to Lee and to the following participants: John Mackler, Dick Baker, Debra Krause and son Dunkin, Louise Fitzgerald and friend Dave, and Samadhi.

·         Transportation committee requests formation of a committee to improve the parking and sidewalk ramp access situation on the side nearest to the Adult Center. Providing good access to the ramp currently removes two very popular parking spaces. The committee may be able to determine striping alternatives to suggest to Yavapai County which could preserve one or both of the spaces.

MRM Trails Coalition

·         The next meeting is Tuesday, September21, at 9 AM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center. The next two scheduled work days on the Montezuma Avenue Path are Friday, 9/3, and Saturday, 9/25. Meet times for both are 7:30 AM at Rollins Park. Coalition Chair, Bill Stafford, retired Coconino National Forest Ranger, has been named as a District 3 representative to the Yavapai County Trails Committee by Supervisor Chip Davis. Our AmeriCorps member, Bella Donna, completed 80 hours on the job in July. Much of the mapping of social trails, animal trails, and damaged areas is in the NE quadrant of the BC Plan Area at the request of Coconino National Forest. After gathering the data requested and required by CNF, MRM intends to request a system of trailheads, nodes, and trails for all types of users in that quadrant. This will allow better, safer access as well as the repair of damaged areas.




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