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Lake Montezuma

LMPOA Transportation Report

November 3, 2010



·        Yavapai County Verde Area Roads Superintendent Verl Cook has forwarded the recommendations of the Rollins Park parking solution committee to Yavapai County engineers.


·        LMPOA will forward a letter of support for the goals of the Verde Valley Regional Trails Concept Plan to the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Tammy DeWitt, Planner. The Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association would like to thank the Verde Valley Trail Plan Work Group members for their efforts in producing a plan that will assist our community with both local connectivity and connectivity to neighboring communities and towns. We are excited about future possibilities and grateful that a small group of citizens made the time to do such extensive research and planning. Bill Stafford and Bill Cowan provided expertise from the Beaver Creek area. We are particularly thankful for their years of experience on Coconino National Forest historic trails and for walking so many miles to study and include those in this locale. (Transportation Committee recommends that BCRC submit a letter of support for this plan. Bill Stafford may be available to answer questions at the December meeting.)


·        The Beaver Buggy van will arrive soon. Volunteer drivers are requested. Per ADOT regulations, drivers must take a first aid class. The first class will be offered on Saturday, November 20, from 1 to 4 PM. Please call Karin Krippene 592-9483 or Maggie Holt 567-0441 if you would like to sign up for the class or a future one.

Yavapai County

·        Survey work is currently being conducted on Bice Rd. When this is complete and the legal descriptions are ready, the Public Works Dept of Yavapai County will be seeking donations of ROW in order to extend official County maintenance of Bice Rd to the Seiler Rd intersection. 

MRM Trails Coalition

·        The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 16, at 9 AM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center. Please call Bill Stafford at 567-4820 for further information.


Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District

·        Chief Van Dyke is submitting a proposal to Yavapai County for Title III funding to repair the Coconino National Forest Service roads in Lower McGuireville. About 1.5 miles of  hazardous, unimproved primitive roads cross an 80-acre forest tract. This is the main egress/ingress for 50 homes. Although the roads have a public easement, budget constraints have left both Yavapai County and Coconino National Forest unable to repair this stretch of roadway.


The disrepair is to such a degree that it presents a danger to the residents in their daily traverse, damages property, adds sediments to the aligning Beaver Creek, and threatens air quality. Additionally, the roadway condition impedes emergency services response time as medical and firefighting vehicles are reduced to a crawl when transiting this section of roadway.


The proposal meets the stipulations of the Forest Service which are: work to be done by a bonded & insured contractor, Forest Service and Yavapai County to be listed as additional insured, no change to the footprint of the existing roadway, no foreign or invasive material (clean AB acceptable), some rock cutting equipment may be allowed for sloped areas with caliche outcroppings, use of water as the acceptable dust palliative, and mindfulness of environmental and archeological factors.


The Transportation Committee recommends that the BCRC submit a letter of support for this proposal to Montezuma-Rimrock Fire District.

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