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LMPOA Transportation Report

December 1, 2010

BCT (Beaver Creek Transit)

The Beaver Buggy 5310 grant van is expected to be picked up from ADOT in December at a Phoenix location. Currently 11 volunteer drivers have completed first aid and CPR training. 3 have completed PASS and defensive driver training. An additional driver is awaiting training classes.  Please call Karin Krippene 592-9483 or Maggie Holt 567-0441 if you would like to volunteer as a driver or for help desk.  Information brochures will be available in January.  Service will begin with a soft opening in January followed by an official service celebration in February.

BCT will apply for LTAFII funds that will be coming in March 2011 for continued van operation for the next fiscal year..

MRM Trails Coalition

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 18, at 9 AM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center. There will not be a December meeting.  Montezuma Ave path construction dates are scheduled for January 29 and February 5, 12. 19.  Volunteers are welcome to participate.  Please call Bill Stafford at 567-4820 for further information.

Bella Donna, our AmeriCorps member, will present the results of the GPS mapping project on Thursday, January 6, at 1:30 PM in the BC Adult Center.

MRM Trails is pursuing another grant to continue the trail system and watershed restoration  project.


Yavapai County

HURF funds continue to decline, thus County is reducing its budget.  The Contractors' Assoc has met with Senator Steve Pierce and requested an increase to the gas tax of 15%.  Soon this will be impacted further by the use of hybrid and electric cars.  Discussions around the state are escalating on using a tire or mileage based tax. ADOT is collecting an oversized load fee from drivers on the state highway system.  The County may look into getting a portion of this fee when the trucks are shifted to County roads.

Cornville--Cornville Multiuse Path plans are 30% complete.  ROW acquisition is complete.  ADOT reviewing.  For the Cohnville Trail, now have a JPA with the Forest Service for NEPA. This will connect with the Cornville Multi-use Path at Park-n-Ride.  On the Cornville Rd proposed improvement, from Tissaw to Aspass, Will include mill-fill, shoulder widening and some pedestrian improvements.  Will take to community for comment early next year.

Beaver Creek--Proposed projects (2nd access, extension of BC Road to Exit 298, and Montezuma Ave overlay are all unfunded at this time.


I-17--McGuireville rest area to County line SB overlay is complete.  I-17 climbing lane from CV to top of Copper Canyon, still looking for funding sources.  McGuireville TI--96% complete.   Sign replacement project, from Anthem to Cherry Rd, will be winter work.  2 springs NB between McGuireville and Sedona and 1 spring SB before CV have vegetation that will be cleaned up before overflow impacts the highway.

I-17 DCR--No significant change.  This study covers the portion of the highway between New River and Cordes Juncion.  Originally there were 9 build alternatives plus the no build alternative.  Now only alternatives D & E are considered reasonable and prudent.  Progress meeting will be held on December 8.

S-260--The Thousand Trails turn lane off of 260 will be extended.

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