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Lake Montezuma

LMPOA Transportation Report

February 1, 2011


BCT (Beaver Creek Transit)

  • On January 15, the Beaver Creek Adult Center had a "Welcome Beaver Buggy Party" in order to display the new van.  The 5310 grant van was much admired and volunteer drivers gave rides to those who wished to participate.

  • By Feb 8, it will have had more than 50 runs, several with wheelchairs.  Mileage has already passed 1400 miles 

  • On February 7, Karin Krippene and several of the van drivers will represent BCT to accept a grant award of LTAF II funds at the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors meeting in Prescott.

MRM Trails Coalition

  • The next Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 15, at 8:30  AM in the Beaver Creek Adult Center.  Montezuma Ave path improvement dates are scheduled for Fridays: 2/4, 2/11, and 2/18.   Volunteers are welcome to participate.  Please call Bill Stafford at 567-4820 for further information.

Beaver Creek

  • Verde Valley Multimodal Transportation Plan Supervisor Davis has indicated an interest in getting the 2nd access for Lake Montezuma and the pedestrian bridge to be located next to Wet Beaver Creek Bridge onto the radar.

Yavapai County

  • Cornville Path Working on State Land acquisition.  30% plans to ADOT, waiting for response from Phoenix.  Environmental document almost complete.

  • Cohnville Trail Will join with the Cornville Path at a Park-n-ride site.  Have entered into a JPA with Forest Service for consultant for NEPA.  Will be holding a meeting with the Cornville Community Association on February 9 to discuss both projects along with Cornville Rd. project.

  • Cornville Road Project will go from Tissaw to Aspass.  Road reconstruction with widened shoulders and raised medians in town.  Expect to go out to bid by spring.

  • HURF Took another $400,000 hit to HURF.  Projects are getting thinner as revenue sources are getting less.

Camp Verde

  • Finnie Flat Sidewalk Project IGA approved.  In design expect a September bid.  Will pair up with ADOT for bid. 

  • Holloman St. CDBG funds.  Will add sidewalk on the North side of street and storm water project.  Will go out to bid by April.  Working with NACOG.

  • Hwy 260/Industrial Rd intersection--requesting VVTPO support for safety improvements.


  • 89A lighting and overlay project Meeting will be February 22 to decide whether or not Sedona will take over 89A. 


  • Statewide Interstate Sign Replacement/Rehab Project Anthem Cherry Rd.  Prescott District project being administered by Flagstaff District (winter work).  Minimum impact on I-17 traffic.  Signs will be updated.

  • I-17 Springs There are 2 springs off of I-17 one on the NB between McGuireville and Sedona and one on the SB before Camp Verde.  Will be working on cleaning up these areas.

  • SR 260 Will be working on some erosion control problems and pavement issues outside of Camp Verde on the way to Payson.

  • SR 169 Will be doing some slope flattening to make road safer.

  • Prescott District 50% staff.  Things are slow moving.  Only filling critical positions.

  • 89A Summit to Verde Valley will be in next fiscal year budget.

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