Planning & Zoning Committee

July 2008

7/16/08 Verde Valley Regional Plan Work Group


Your Planning and Zoning committee attended this meeting, held at the new home of the Red Rock Ranger Station.  If you haven't been to this magnificent edifice, it is a must see, located on SR 179 north of Beaver Head Flat road, on the right with a small "Visitor Info" sign.  It is, in a word, histrionic.


The Verde Valley Regional Plan Work Group was formed by YC in 2004. The County assists by facilitating the group.  It is the networking hub for planning in the Verde Valley.


Present at this meeting were:

Chad Daines

YC, Meeting Facilitator

Bill Kusner

Sedona Beautiful

Julie Adams

US Forrest Service

Kathy Levin

Sedona Community

Mike Jenkins

Camp Verde Community 

Kyle Birkemeir

YC Trails Coordinator

Mark Mumaw

Big Park Community

Joan McClelland

YC Planning & Zoning Commissioner

George Dana

Cornville Community

Bob Bruno


Yolanda Sprinz

BCRC Youth and Recreation

Steve Sprinz


Tammy DeWitt

YC… was unable to attend.


Some names are (sadly) not remembered, and there was a small audience.


During introductions there was a lot of interest in the Beaver Creek Community Plan update, as we are the only group currently doing or updating a community plan.  A brief summary of accomplishments and scheduled events was given and Bob Burke was mentioned as spearheading the effort.  Cornville and other communities were thanked for their help by way of example.


Kyle Birkemeir, a county employee, is tasked with creating the Verde Valley Regional Trail Plan, a document to identify, map, and set strategy for non motorized trails for the future.  He and his committee are working toward preserving and connecting trails in the Verde, as well as connecting them to northern and southern trail systems.  This presents problems with "social trails" which are commonly used but are not officially recognized or permitted, new planned trails which are sometimes opposed by neighbors, and of course, money to create and maintain these systems.  Several trail maps were presented, and, in the future, will be available to the public.  Kyle's committee has open meetings on the 4th Thursday of every month at various venues including the Cottonwood Annex. The committee seeks community involvement.  BCRC is now on the mailing list.   As an aside, look for construction of a new hiking and biking trail to parallel some part of Cornville Road, soon.


Julie Adams, of the US Forest Service, gave a thorough explanation of National and State policies, as they relate to strategic planning and the Services' current emphasis on wilderness as opposed to open space. 


Possible Topics for the next meeting were discussed.  Although there was some incredulity that Beaver Creek communities would want Public Transportation, Mass Transit was put on the agenda with overwhelming committee consent.  There will be County and other presentations on the subject.


A reminder that YC P&Z Commission meets Wednesday, July 23, 2008 9:30 AM at the Cottonwood annex.  The agenda includes two issues of note, to which we have responded:


·        Consideration of adoption of the Open Space Preservation Subdivision, HA# H7117.


·        An Amendment to allow Guest Homes to have their own utilities.


The complete agenda may be downloaded at


The next meeting of the Verde Valley Regional Plan Work Group will be held August 20th, most likely at the Cottonwood Annex.  The main agenda will be Mass Transit in the Verde Valley.

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