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August, 2009


Rimrock Super Storage Expansion carried unanimously at the 7/20/09 BOS meeting.  For an audio transcript of the meeting go to:


The July 8th Planning and Zoning Commission agenda was not properly posted on the County website.  As a result, several issues were rescheduled to be heard at different dates and locations.  We learned it is not necessary to hear an issue on both sides of the mountain.  It may be heard twice or more, if necessary, at either location.


On July 22, the P&Z Commission met and heard Policies and Procedures for the Adoption, and Amendments to Community Plans; H9047.  This was the 5th revision to the document and it was finally passed unanimously.  See CV Bugle article:


Zoning Ordinance Amendment; H9038   Applicant: Development Services Staff

Request: Consideration of an Amendment to Section 301 Definitions and Section 537 Guest Homes-Detached of the Yavapai County Zoning Ordinance.

This is now scheduled for its second hearing, at Prescott on August 5th.  It had significant opposition at the Cottonwood meeting.


10. Zoning Ordinance Amendment; HA# H9040 Applicant: Development Services Staff

Request: Consideration of an Amendment to Section 209 Citizen Participation and Section 504 Administrative Review with Comment Period of the Yavapai County Zoning Ordinance.

This one provides a single 1000 foot diameter notification rather than 300' vs 1000'.

When last heard, it was applauded by most on hand, Staff presented a map of different sized parcels, showing how adoption of the single 1000 foot diameter notification area might adversely affect County procedures.  Where parcels are small a large number of neighbors would have to be alerted (postal $$), possibly bringing many people and opposition to the P&Z meetings.  The matter was continued to the Prescott meeting, now August 5th, with a possible change regarding smaller parcel size.


Section 442 Cluster and Open Space & Section 441 Open Space and Sustainable Development, July 22 editions have reared their ugly heads again and will be heard in Prescott on August 5th.  As much as we'd like to oppose these on the principal that Arizona does not need another right to develop land, it's inevitable these will pass, if not in their current iteration, then the next.  They will provide for more oversight than land splits.  View the latest:



Proposed Solar Energy Station.  The following letter, penned by motion of the BCRC board, was composed by Kayo Parsons-Korn and sent by BCRC P&Z in the absence of the BCRC President (who had the letterhead).  



July 13, 2009


Gordon Samuel, Manager of Resource Acquisitions

Arizona Public Service Company

400 N. 5th Street, Mail Station 9674

Phoenix, AZ 85004


Re: RFP - Renewable Energy Small Generation Resources - Rim Rock Energy


Dear Mr. Samuel,


Our community has been made aware of an RFP that Rim Rock Energy is submitting for a small solar power plant in our area. Ron Epperson of Rim Rock Energy gave a presentation to one of our community groups on June 11 outlining their proposal. Their presentation did not provide us with enough details to decide if this project would be beneficial to the community. Some of the concerns that came up included:


         Possible conflicts with a nearby airport. We have since written to the Infinia Corporation, (the manufacturer of the solar units) and they have assured us that their equipment will not be detrimental to flight safety. We would like to investigate this further.

         Viewscape conflicts. The site is adjacent to residential property and will be visible from other residential property across the highway (I-17) and from the highway itself, as well as Beaver Creek Road. Rim Rock Energy did not provide any plans for how the units will be distributed on the site or artist renderings of what the site might look like from various perspectives.

         The current site is zoned R1R (Residential 1 acre restrictive). It would require either rezoning or a use permit to be used for a solar power plant. There is M1 (industrial) land available for development in our community that has the added benefit of being adjacent to the APS substation, so it wouldn't require additional high voltage lines. This land is already appropriately zoned for such a use. We would like to see this location explored as well.


We reviewed the criteria of your RFP:


Respondents are required to meet at least 3 out of the 5 additional proposals

Criteria outlined in Attachment 1 which include, in no specific order: (1)

Community participation partnerships; (2) school/educational partnerships; (3)

geographic diversity (located outside of Phoenix metro area); (4) job creation;

and (5) leverage of other funding sources.


Rim Rock Energy may have met 3 of the 5 criteria, but we don't think they have met criteria #1 at this time:


Criteria: (1) Community Participation Partnerships


Intent: Want community groups and residents to participate in the benefits of having a small renewable energy generation plant in their community.


Compliance: Letter of interest from the community partner submitted with the RFP response


We have not provided a letter of interest at this time, because we do not have enough information from the proponents. If Rim Rock Energy were to make the short list, we would like them to provide the following:


         Detailed plot plan showing how the units would be distributed on the property.

         Artist renderings from a number of viewpoints.  Mr. Epperson said that existing vegetation would provide some screening.  We would like to see what that would look like.

         Additional information from other airports. We understand there are 6 units next to an airport in Kinnewick, WA. But there would be 1,670 units in this plant. We would like to talk to any airports near Infinia installations.

         Fencing and additional screening, road improvements. (Required by the County)

         Some figures regarding the additional tax base they would generate for our community

         Perhaps some additional partnering/benefits to the community. (TBD)


We do not oppose a solar power plant in our area. We can see benefits from a partnership with a clean, green energy industry. The immediate benefit from the construction jobs, and the additional tax base a plant like this could generate are obvious.  So the intent of this letter is not to kill this proposal, just to make APS aware of our concerns.


Thank You,



Steven Sprinz, Chair P&Z Committee

Beaver Creek Regional Council



Today 8/3/09 the Calendar Crew received the breaking news from APS that the solar project proposal from Rim Rock Energy did not make the final six projects to be considered for power purchase agreements. Two of these short-list finalists will be chosen by Halloween.


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