Planning & Zoning Committee



November, 2009


Planning and Zoning Commission; October 7 and October 21 Meetings



         Zoning Ordinance Amendment H#9039:  Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance Section 603 (Light Pollution Control) C.3.f (Lighting Requirements, Residential).  On October 21, 2009, a recommendation of approval was carried by a vote of six (6) to two (2) with the following addition:

602.C.3.f. Exemptions: The following fixtures are exempt from shielding and lumen requirements unless otherwise noted.

o   Street lighting (excluding mercury vapor lights) provided they are fully shielded.

o   Low wattage (four watts or less) decorative lighting for recognized holidays.

o   Permanent low wattage (four watts or less) landscape lighting.

o   Motion sensor security lighting as defined provided fixture is shielded, designed and adjusted in such a fashion to prevent spill onto adjacent parcels.

o   Lighting of one (1) State of Arizona, American, POW/MIA and Military flag provided lights are down lighted.



         Zoning Ordinance Amendment, HA# H9078:  Consideration to add Section 580 (Temporary Event Permits).  10/7/2009.  Commissioner Reilly made a motion to recommend deferral indefinitely, in order for staff to review and address the Commission�s concerns.  The vote was unanimous.



         Use Permit; APN: 405-21-001, HA# H9088:  Las Margaritas Grill.  Consideration of a Use Permit to allow for the existing restaurant to serve alcohol on approximately 3.96 acre portion of a 36.35 acre parcel in a C1-3 (Commercial; Neighborhood Sales and Services) zoning district.

Commissioner Garner made a motion to recommend approval of hearing application H#9088, Use Permit, subject to the stipulations, as follows:


1.     Use Permit to be approved on a permanent basis to run concurrently with the State Liquor License to allow the existing restaurant to serve alcohol.

2.     In the event the owner of the subject property files a claim under ARS Section 12-1134 regarding this Use Permit, this Use Permit shall be null and void.


      The motion carried unanimously.  This item will be heard by the Board of Supervisors on November 16, 2009.



         Zoning Ordinance Amendment H#9089:  Zoning Ordinance to amend Section 301 (Definitions) and the addition of a new Section: Section 565 (Park Models).  10/21/09, Commissioner Jackson made a motion to recommend approval of hearing application H#9089. The motion carried unanimously.  This item will be heard at the next regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting in Cottonwood on November 16, 2009. 


Text of ZOA #9089 follows:

Section 301-Definitiions

            TRAILER (PARK MODEL) - A park trailer built on a single chassis, mounted on wheels and designed to be connected to utilities necessary for operation of installed fixtures and appliances and has a gross trailer area of not less than three hundred twenty (320) square feet and not more than four hundred (400) square feet when it is set up, and manufactured to comply with ANSI A119.5 standards,  except that it does not include recreational vehicles, travel trailers, campers or fifth wheel trailers.


            Section 412-R1 DISTRICT (Residential; Single Family; site built, multi-sectional and manufactured) Permitted Uses:             Where no Zoning/Density District has been combined, then all provisions of Density District 10 shall prevail. (See Section 516 (Density Districts), most common ones shown in attached chart.)

            A. All principal and accessory uses and structures permitted in the R1L and RMM Districts.

            B. Manufactured Homes and Park Models are permitted as a dwelling unit for a single family on an individual lot or parcel as set forth in Section 301 (Definitions) and subject to Section 552 or Section 565.

            C. Additional accessory uses and structures (concurrent with and located on the same lot with the principal uses and structures and including the following):


            1. Roomers or boarders, not to exceed two (2) for any one (1) dwelling unit.

            2. Farm animals (except swine) on lots of no less than thirty-five thousand (35,000) square feet for the convenience and pleasure of the lot occupants, not to exceed the number allowed as per the Allowed Animal Chart (Section 501 E.). Stables, barns or structures for sheltering or feeding animals must observe the same setbacks or yards as the dwelling unit.



            Section 500-General Provisions

            Section 565 Park Models

            Park Model Standards

            Zoning Requirements:

            Park Models are subject to the following standards

            DESIGN/PERFORMANCE STANDARDS for Park Model Homes:

1.  Park model homes may be permitted as dwelling units beginning in the R1 Use District.

2.  Park Models must be manufactured in 2003 or later.

3.  Park Models must meet standards set forth in ANSI A119.5.

4.  All units must be installed per manufacturer�s specifications.

5.  Any additions to a park model will require separate permits and must be self supporting.

6.  All park models located on a parcel of land are to be serviced by an approved sewage disposal system prior to habitation.



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