Planning & Zoning Committee




                                                      January, 2010



Variance Request for APN 405-14-024H Rimrock Storage E Beaver Creek Road (Administrative)

On 12/18/09 the Board of Adjustment & Appeals denied the variance of setback from 15' to 3' for the proposed sign.  Currently, Rimrock Super Storage can appeal, resubmit new plans, or proceed (by right) with the sign as proposed - but with the regulated 15' setback.  Mr. Tardie has indicated he will choose the latter.










HA# H9135, ZOA, Manufactured Home Skirting


The following is the proposed addition to ZOA 552b:

4. All multi-sectional manufactured homes and manufactured homes shall be skirted with approved material(s). Acceptable material(s) may include block or concrete stem walls, vinyl, aluminum or hard board sheeting as approved by the Land Use Specialist.  Alternative skirting material(s) may be approved by the Land Use Specialist provided the material(s) meet the intent of screening the under-carriage of the unit.


Additionally, Central Yavapai Fire district requests:

The Central Yavapai Fire District has no objections to the zoning amendment but would request that each skirting have an operable and obvious opening at least 30 inches wide by the height of the skirting for access under the Manufactured home. 


This is good for the community in terms of the way it looks.  The fire department does need access however, so no problem there.  We should support the ZOA with CYFD Changes for a hinged opening.  The P&Z Commission will hear this on March 17, 2010 in Cottonwood.


H9142 Rubacalva Application for use permit to allow a 1993, 35 foot, park model on RCU2-A.


This is a difficult issue from a humanitarian viewpoint, but we took a stand of opposition to Zoning Ordinance H9089 to allow Park Models as additions to residential property.  On 11/16/09 the BOS voted to approve Park Models - with new placements being no older than 5 years.  This is the first test of this ordinance in our community.  There are plenty of folks out there that will attempt to put these older structures on their property 'under the radar'.  We would be opening up a bad can of worms and highly hypocritical if we allow this variance.  The P&Z Commission will tentatively hear this on February 17, 2010 in Cottonwood.


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