Planning & Zoning Committee




April, 2010



Old Business


HA# H9135, ZOA, Manufactured Home Skirting (with access door)

We responded in support of this ZOA. The P&Z Commission took no action on March 17th; the item is scheduled to be heard by the BOS on April 19th.


H9142 Rubacalva Application for use permit to allow a 1993, 35 foot, park model on RCU2-A.

We responded to oppose this first "test" of ZOA H9089, which we opposed all along.  On February 17, the Planning and Zoning Commission met and unanimously declined this variance. On March 15th The Board voted unanimously to approve this application for a 2-year period and not uphold the P&Z Commission's recommendation to deny the permit; setting a precedent for illegal Park Models.


Section 205.B.2 Zoning Ordinance Amendment, HA# H10007

This involves entirely removing the paragraph which describes procedures and methods Zoning Inspectors would use prior to an Inspection due to a Use Violation (complaint).  In early March your P&Z, argued for opposition.  Subsequently, Steve Sprinz has had a debate with Steve Mauk and they have arrived at a compromise which would equate the Inspector to any other individual.  The paragraph would still contain a statement of the underlying rights and privileges of the citizen and of the Inspector. 

2. Inspection: With proper, prior permission from the property owner or his agent, The Land Use Specialist may, in the discharge of his duties, and for good and probable cause, enter private property when lawful, during assigned working hours to inspect same in connection with any application made under the terms of this Ordinance, or for any investigation as to whether or not any portion of such property, building or other structure was constructed or is being used in violation of this Ordinance. If permission to enter property is unobtainable, refused or withdrawn, the Inspector shall follow legally prescribed procedures for seeking a search warrant subject to the protections provided for rights of the property owner by the State of Arizona and the United States Constitution.

The matter will tentatively be heard by the Planning and Zoning Commission at their regularly scheduled hearing in Cottonwood on April 21, 2010 (10 South 6th Street).



Montezuma Rimrock Water Company HA# H9139

On February 17, The P&Z Commissioners handed down a unanimous ruling to recommend approval, which includes further required approvals from County, State, and Federal Agencies.  On March 15th the BOS unanimously approved the P&Z recommendations and stipulations (landscaping), adding a stipulation of one year in which MRWC shall display progress.

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