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June, 2010



Old Business


Section 205.B.2 Zoning Ordinance Amendment, HA# H10007

This involves entirely removing the paragraph which describes procedures and methods Zoning Inspectors would use prior to an Inspection due to a Use Violation (complaint).  In early March your P&Z, argued for opposition.  Subsequently, a compromise has been put forth which would equate the Inspector to any other individual.  The paragraph would still contain a statement of the underlying rights and privileges of the citizen and of the Inspector. 

The matter was withdrawn from the Planning and Zoning Commission Agenda on May 19th, 2010, and on June 7th 2010.  We can consider the issue moot for the time being.


The Abandonment of the Final Subdivision Plat for Villas at Beaver Creek (new Golf Course Housing)

This was explained in previous reports.  The Beaver Creek Community Development Corporation (Ranch House Coalition), working alone, presented differing arguments to the BOS at their meeting on May 17, 2010.  This item was unanimously "held" by the BOS until the June 21, 2010 Cottonwood meeting.



The Developers did not fulfill the original bond requirement, to which they agreed in 2004 when the 150 parcels were split off from the golf course.  They now propose to have the subsequent owner(s) of each individual parcel pay that portion of the bond for infrastructure. 


As I've said earlier, this is the latest example of Arizona Land and Development abuse.  The developer now wants release from the required bond, by passing the responsibility to third, fourth, fifth etc. parties, as the lots are sold and built.  I think we should oppose this "deal" as being unenforceable.


There may be more equitable ways to resolve this issue, where the community can get more benefits, and an honest deal!

However, the CURRENT ISSUE is whether to approve or oppose this abandonment request, as requested by the developers.



H9138 Alternate Power Generation Ordinances

Development Services staff is working to make ordinances for wind and solar power generation.  Issues such as glare, proximity to property lines, height off ground, etc. are undefined.

The P&Z Commissioners had many questions and want the communities involved in the debate.

A plea went out to local newspapers to cover these issues, and the Public is asked to contribute.

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