L.M.P.O.A. Meeting Minutes

Lake Montezuma

Lake Montezuma Property Owners Association
Board Meeting Minutes
Beaver Creek Adult Center

August 3, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Janet Aniol, president, at 5:10 PM. The Pledge of

Allegiance was recited by all present. Board members present were: Alan Spacone, Phil Edwards, Ron Melcher, Sharon Olsen and Jim Bowser. Eight guests were present.

Ron Melcher introduced Ryan Carter, DDS, who has opened an office in the MRM medical building which is located above Rollins Park in Lake Montezuma.

Janet opened the meeting with important activities for our area, see agenda for complete information.

Alan Spacone, Treasurer, presented a new format for the monthly report which includes information of past months and annual growth, or losses. Please see the report as presented and accepted The July checking balance $3908.22, NBA CD $4872.29.

The July minutes were distributed to all present, read and accepted.

Old Business:

Discussion of projects in progress by Board members were: the bulletin board, distribution of new brochures, memory stones, website, Rollins Park including Flag activities and lights and park fountain.

Also noted is Ron Melcher now has the computer projector in service.

Alan Spacone will activate Pay Pal to allow donations and members [new & old] to pay dues by credit card. This will be a one year trial to determine the acceptance.

The fire hydrants are scheduled, information as to locations of placements are available at the Fire station and on the LMPOA website. 20 hydrants are to be installed by the end of October. Ron is keeping an eye on the progress.

The information board that is to be placed in the Adult Center is progressing slowly.

Janet is preparing the process to make a name change for the LMPOA by-laws, and present to the membership for a vote. She formally submitted two amendments to the by-laws that would permit the addition of residents who rent or lease to the membership and a name change to Montezuma Rimrock Community Association which would permit the Association to pursue 501©3 status as a nonprofit. Proposed Bylaws Amendments Attached

New Business:

Grace Lahr has accepted the responsibility of Land Use, fire and other hazard remediation. Mike Nelson, [absent] will be posting YCSO media alerts and information on the south side kiosk in Rollins Park. Both of these individuals are considering membership to the LMPOA Board.

The Board is so Grateful to Chris Nicol, our new Webmaster for her attendance at our meetings, her expertise, hard work and the new appearance of our LMPOA website.

The next meeting will be 5:00 PM, Sept. 14 at the Beaver Creek Adult Center.

This report prepared and respectfully submitted by:

Phil Edwards, Secretary