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 Traffic/Safety a concern in Lake Montezuma.



After much discussion about local traffic issues, the LM Property Owners' Association board members decided to send two letters to Supervisor Davis.  The first letter dealt with the need for a walking bridge that would parallel the road crossing at Beaver Creek.  At this time there is no space on the road bridge for the increased use by walkers and bicycle riders. 

The second letter is a request for the County to complete a traffic study of speed limit signage, speed bumps, cross walks, and traffic patterns. The increase in population and traffic in our area has resulted in unsafe driving habits and our goal is to encourage people to slow down and to drive safely.

In Supervisor Davis’ response we were told that these issues have been sent for study by the appropriate County Departments. . (see the attached for the complete text of the letters)



News release

LMPOA Election Results Announced

The LMPOA announces new board members.  They are:

Ken Kasner - an Executive Consultant

Carole Penfield-Krowne - formerly the Attorney

General for the Yavapai-Apache Nation

Steve Sprinz - retired Computer Systems Analyst

Dennis McClanahan - General Contractor



Officers were elected as well.  They are:

Ken Kasner - President

Sharon Brooks - Vice President,

Chris Beisecker - Treasurer, 

Carole Penfield-Krowne - Secretary.



 Returning to the Board are Robert McClarin, Janet Aniol, and Richard Trask.  Leaving the Board after many years of service are John Mackler and Bill Brann.  We would like to thank them for their contributions.



News release

Membership Drive Underway for LMPOA


A new membership drive is underway. We have been very successful in the past numbering over 500 memberships from Lake Montezuma, Rimrock, and property owner’s across the country. Memberships allow us to continue to protect property values and  insure the quality of life that drew us to this community. If you would like more information on how you can join, please contact us at 592-0224 or send a note to LMPOA, Box 5292, Lake Montezuma, AZ. 86342.









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